Introducing the BabyRoc Diaper Pouch

As a first-time mum, there are items that you need to have to make your life easier while on the go, and the diaper pouch is one of those!

When I had my newborn baby, I knew I needed to have everything organized in the diaper bag – I couldn’t deal with ‘the desperate searching items in the bag’ scenario.

Furthermore, when traveling with a baby, the diaper pouch is the best baby accessory to bring with you while on the plane, as it is easy to carry with you to the changing room area when the baby needs a diaper change. The size is perfect for any travel or diaper bag!

These are the reasons why I came out with our best-selling BabyRoc’s item: The Diaper Pouch (that includes the matching waterproof changing mat!)

The Diaper Pouch

When on the go, you want to ensure that all the baby items in your diaper bag are organized and reachable, ensuring that everything is at hand when the little (or not so little!) baby poo explosions happen.
I hate to see mums walking to the changing room carrying the baby in one hand, and diapers, wipes and changing mat in the other hand, all about to fall off…

The diaper pouch has 3 compartments making it easy to store all the baby products needed. One is for the wipes that has an open side so the wipes are easy to grab and no need to take the whole pack out. The next compartment is for the diapers, which is wide enough to carry 4 to 5 nappies (as a newborn) and up to 3 diapers for a toddler’s one.

In the middle, it has a small pocket for the baby’s cream, in case that is needed. And we know as a first-time mum, we take all possible baby products, just in case…

Waterproof changing Mat

The portable changing mat is made with a layer of waterproof fabric, ensuring the newborn baby will always be changed in a cleaned surface. The waterproof fabric makes it easy to quickly clean with a wipe, or just a 30 C laundry machine program.

It is wide and long enough for the baby not to touch the floor / area where will be changed, and ensure he / she is on a clean surface. It can be easily folded so will not take much space and can be added to the diaper pouch and closed with the Velcro so all the items will be together and won’t get lost.

The diaper pouch and waterproof changing mat are made with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 fabrics, free of chemicals for your baby. You just need to choose your favorite print, and voilá! You will not only be the most organized mum, but the coolest one too!

If you are thinking of a cool handmade baby gift for your expecting friend, the diaper pouch is a great one! And have the baby’s name embroidered, your pregnant friend will love it too!

BabyRoc it’s an exclusively handmade online baby shop in Dubai, UAE that offers only the highest quality baby products for your baby.

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