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Hello mommies! Are you currently sitting with a list of newborn baby products in your hands? This may apply to you if you’re awaiting your little one to arrive, or have already given birth!

Shopping for your baby is one of the most fun things I ever experienced! But at the same time, as first-time mommies, the list of products that family and friends share is overwhelming!

With my first baby, I decided to buy as I was needing it, or that’s what I thought! Instead of going through the extended list of products shared by relatives, I ended up buying a lot of unnecessary baby items that we did end up not using or did not make our life easier at all!

The below baby essentials are, in my opinion, the ‘baby must haves’ and my favorites to make your life as a mommy easier, or at least to help you with. Of course, every mommy needs and lifestyle are different so please keep in mind that when going through the list of products.

Diaper pouch with changing mat

When I had my baby, I knew I needed to have everything organized in the diaper bag for the moments we were ‘on the go’. I couldn’t deal with ‘the desperate searching items in the bag’ scenario.

This is when I found a handmade business who made a diaper pouch for me where I could store all the baby essentials as nappies, water wipes and cream, all in one pouch, including a portable waterproof changing mat. All in the perfect size so wouldn’t take too much space and it would be a life saver when out and about.

Knowing all of this, the diaper pouch is ‘the baby essential for me,’ and one of our best sellers at BabyRoc, as it only makes your life easier, which is all you want when already dealing with tons of baby things, sleepless nights and tiredness.

The diaper pouch comes with the matching waterproof changing mat, so the baby will always be on a clean surface when having his nappy changed, very much appreciated as you never know when or where the little (or not so little!) explosions can happen. The size is perfect as it fits great in any normal size diaper bag.

Personalized bamboo towel with the baby’s name

Have you ever seen anything cuter than a baby snuggled in a soft towel after bath time? It is the perfect moment for a beautiful photo!
Towels are on the list of baby essentials and make a great newborn baby gift, or purchase the Bath towels set which includes the hooded towel, two small face towels and a washcloth to have the full set!

Newborns don’t need a daily bath, but when you do, we recommend to dry them with a natural material fabric as bamboo cotton, as it is extra soft for their sensitive skin and will help with the drying.

We suggest to also get small hand towels to dry the baby’s small area as in between the toes or under their arms, just by tapping the towel and not rubbing it.

Our favorite by the bath towel collection are the ones with animal prints as ‘The Autumn Fall Set’ or ‘In The Woods’, as it gives the extra cuteness to their bath time.

Do not forget to personalize the towels with the baby’s name embroidered if you want to go the extra mile!

Vaccine and Documents Pouch

It all starts with the pregnancy and all the doctor appointments to see your little one. All these scans and documents you want to cherish forever!

Once the baby is born, there will be more pediatric appointment, vaccination book, insurance cards… That is can easily get lost and that would definitely not be a good thing!

Furthermore, when you travel, you want to make sure all the health documents will be on a safe pouch to ensure not to get lost, as well as the travel documents as the baby’s passport. All of these can be stored in the documents pouch and as we always say, make your life easier!

It comes with 3 pockets on the inside, one with a zipper where the more important documents as insurance cards, important info, passport, etc can be stored making sure it is all safe for travels.

We suggest you always have your documents pouch handy in your diaper bag, as you never know when you might need it!

Diaper Bag

A diaper bag is the mommy’s best friend while on the go! It has to be stylish, useful, spacious, durable, easy to clean and padded so the products inside are protected. To avoid spills and liquid damage, the best is if it is waterproof on the inside too!

Not only that it can be attached to the stroller, but also handy if it can be carried as a crossbody handbag for the stylish moms.

Let’s not forget the more compartments in the inside to store the endless list of baby items to put in!

You must be thinking if such a bag does exist? This is why my all-time favorite is the BabyRoc Diaper Bag as it ticks all the previous boxes!

It is a lightweight bag, as we know how important comfort is for mums to have to carry the bag and the stroller at the same time. It is padded so all products inside are protected. The inside is made from waterproof towel fabric to avoid liquid damage. It has too compartments in the inside to store all the extra goods, which are waterproof too. On the outside, it also has two more pockets for the extra items that mummy needs handy while on the go.

Thanks to the longer straps, it can be carried as a shoulder bag too, so the smaller straps can be folded inside and won’t be seen. It is very practical to carry it on the stroller with hooks to avoid the bag getting dirty or damage.

You can choose your favorite print and be the coolest mum in town!

Organic Cotton Muslin

Swaddling your baby makes them feel like they are still in the womb or constantly being snuggled, and it keeps them calmed. It helps the baby to sleep too, as they can’t move their arms keeping them relaxed for longer periods of time.

The swaddle is a must-have baby essential, so prepare your drawers to have enough of them available! This is why is also a great newborn baby gift for any expecting mama.

Not only the swaddle muslin cloth is a baby must have! We can’t forget the smaller sizes (70x70cm) that helps with the baby’s spits to clean their face, or also can be used as a surface cover for a quick nappy change too!

We recommend to purchase muslin cloths made of natural materials as bamboo or 100% organic cotton, as the ones we offer at BabyRoc. They are free of any chemicals which are perfect for the baby’s sensitive skin.

We offer a variety of colors / prints to choose from, and is a great extra gift for a baby gift hamper!

I truly hope that with our baby essential tips and our baby gift ideas for a newborn baby, you will be able to find the perfect baby gifts. If you are looking for a gift hamper and not sure how to go about it, then email us at info@babyroc.me We would be delighted to put together the perfect gift hamper based on your requirements and budget.

BabyRoc it’s an exclusively handmade online baby shop in Dubai, UAE that offers only the highest quality baby products for your baby.

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