Why choose handmade baby products?

When it comes to handmade baby essentials, there’s always a lot of love, care and attention to detail to create something unique and special for each baby (and moms!). These are our favorite reasons on why to choose handmade products when is about your babies.

#1. Handmade is high-quality.

A handmade product that is well made will last longer. We understand the value of each piece, that is why BabyRoc handmade products are made to the best quality. When newborn, baby’s skin is extremely sensitive and this is why only the best fabrics are recommended during the first few months after baby is born.
At BabyRoc, our fabrics are coming from Europe and are 100% organic cotton and / or OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified to ensure the highest quality for your baby.

So next time you’d like to buy a special gift for an expecting mom, don’t forget to take a look at BabyRoc’s website for an inspiring gift and give a small business a happy dance!

#2. It is sustainable.

We don’t buy materials and fabrics in bulk, as we don’t produce in mass. As a baby accessories designer of handmade products, in BabyRoc we deeply care about the materials we make our products with, carefully chosen with the highest quality for your baby.
This is the reason why handmade product prices might be higher but you can rest assured that you are paying a fair price for it, as there is a lot of hard work behind it. From personally purchasing the highest quality materials, going through each product designing process, the small quantity materials for the extra special touch and of course, all the ‘behind the scenes’ you can imagine that goes with it!
Our packaging is recyclable,

#3. Each baby product is UNIQUE.

We truly believe that each mom has their unique style for their baby’s and that is to be cherished! Each handmade purchase is an original idea designed from scratch. As every piece is made separately and not in mass products, they can’t be fully replicated so there won’t be two pieces the same.
The personal touches of handmade baby products and love added during the design process allows it to have its own individual personality.

#4. Customization

This is my favorite reason for buying baby handmade items! You can make it your own!
In my experience as a first-time mum, I could not find certain product or items that were matching my style.

Personalizing your baby essentials with your baby’s name and your favorite print, creates a feeling of pride that it is unique to you.
Every handmade business owner wants to see a happy customer!

#6. Handmade is supportive to local business.

When buying from a small business owner a handmade baby product, you are supporting the local economy and the local community. There is someone’s dream behind it, that took hours, a lot of effort and creativity to create something different from everything else in the market. Each sale makes a huge difference in their lives. You are supporting someone’s dream!


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