About Us

The Woman Behind The Brand

BabyRoc was founded by a first-time mommy who believes in the importance of the small details when it comes to babies. 

I knew when I started my business, I wanted to provide and share with new mother’s some baby product ideas to make their lives easier. I truly believed in the importance of the small details but high-quality when it comes to our babies. As first-time mommies, the list of products that family and friends share is overwhelming! 

That is when I thought, ‘I need to share these ones’ and developed into a design stylish product, but always keeping in mind that it had to be ‘baby essentials’ to make moms life easier. 

I hope you enjoy our exclusively handmade baby products and designs as much as I enjoy designing them and making them available to you. 

Welcome to motherhood, it’s the greatest adventure! 


The Brand

Greetings from BabyRoc! 

Hello mommies! Are you currently sitting with a list of baby products in your hands? This may apply to you if you you’re awaiting your little one to arrive, or have already given birth!

We might be the solution to your problems! 

BabyRoc it’s an exclusively handmade baby accessories brand based in Dubai. We are selecting 100% OEKO-TEX certified cotton fabrics, ensuring the highest quality to be comfortable and safe for the babies’ skin.

We believe that offering the best quality products, along with our unique handmade customized products, makes the perfect combo when is about the little ones.

Thank you for trusting us with your little ones!

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